Stuff I Heart: Mrs. Meyers

I know, I know, I know. I’ve been gone awhile. It’s not that I didn’t have stuff to share. I do! Landscaping, a cherry tree with cherries on it, new blankets basket, bridal shower planning – life is bursting.

So what do I have in store for my first post in an eon? Cleaning supplies.

I’ll keep it brief. I love Mrs. Meyer’s. I don’t know who she is but I would really like her to move in with me. I’d bake and make messes in the kitchen and she would unload my dishwasher 1.5 times per day and give really good hugs. It would be magical.

Mrs. Meyer’s products are natural, gentle on my skin and smell amazing. I use the Lemon Verbena scent because that just smells like clean to me. This stuff lasts forever! I buy the hand soap about once a quarter and keep it at my kitchen sink. When I moved into our house I bought bottle of their All Purpose Cleaner. Guys, that bottle is still like 3/4 full. Granted, I don’t clean a ton, but still.

I bought a bottle of the counter top spray awhile ago and was AMAZED to find on the side of the bottle it  if you have the all purpose cleaner you can just mix a capful or two with water and refill the spray bottle! What??? A company is trying to save me money? So now I do that about once a month. I use the spray daily to wipe down my counters and make the kitchen smell clean.

After a quick spin on their web site I see they have a million different scents and a bunch of products I have never seen. If Mrs. Meyer’s can get me excited about cleaning products then she must be Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and possibly Mother Teresa incarnate.

I’ve seen this stuff at Target and most grocery stores.  Go. Buy it. Now.


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