Project Curb Appeal – 2013 Edition

I teased back here that we had done some major landscaping to our front yard. Indeed, Project Curb Appeal is rocking out this summer.

We started with this.


One intense afternoon [oh and some new shutters!] we had this.

yew bushes removed

And a little planting we had this:

front yard part 1

For the entire past year, I was dying to rip out the rest of the bushes. They were so ugly, so unshapely. Bleh. Gross.

But I knew it was no small task. Just two of the bushes took Andy and our friend Powerhouse Lane nearly a half a day to take out. And we had much more for the rest of the yard.

Long story, but we connived a way to get our whole small group out to help us. And help they did.


Guys, Jenny had a baby like basically the day before this. And not only did she come and help, she brought donuts. Mom/friend/person of the year right there.


New front, with daffodil and tulips messing up the view.

front yard curb appeal That afternoon I planted some annuals. I’m not sure I will do the same thing next year, but it’s nice to have some color.

front yard changes

I still have work to do. We need to add some hostas and cover up the drain pipe. But we’ve come a long way.


I was finally able to remove the tulips and daffodils. Here is as picture from this week. Oh! Can you spy what else is new?


Can’t tell? Monday I’ll spill the beans 🙂


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