Wednesday Randoms

A few randoms.

I just bought this mirror from Crate and Barrel. I think I love it. My plan is to put it in the gallery hall but now I’m thinking maybe the guest room [those are my two “let’s finish this” projects]. Do you love it?


We leave for tonight to celebrate our five year anniversary. I. am. so. excited. Mostly just for time away from my laptop, commitments and things I want to do but then stress out when it actually happens.

Speaking of anniversaries, did I show you my anniversary gift?

anniversary ringI have been hinting [ok, ok blatantly asking] for my anniversary band since we got back from our honeymoon. Andy always thought it would be a good present to give after we have a kid, but since my uterus remains unoccupied he kindly got it for me for our anniversary. I LOVE it!

My garden is still a mess but at least a slightly prettier mess this year. My delphiniums got SO big. And then it stormed and they broke off. So sad. I cut them off and enjoyed them for a day or two.

delphiniumsFor the past four years we’ve had two couples that have been our bestest friends. Now that we are in a really good small group and just generally more involved in church, we have a lot more people we consider to be like family, but these four people were the start of that. One couple is moving away, and that makes me so sad. But God is generous, and we all were invited to a wedding last weekend. I’ve been calling it our last hurrah for ages. The two other couples got babysitters and we all went together. We had an amazing time and even managed to squeeze six people in a [really small] photobooth.

friends wedding

The wedding was at a kind of crazy huge amazing vintage stuff store [does that explain it?]. You know how the gap between the wedding and reception is usually SO boring? Well this was the opposite of that. We walked around the store and found cool, funny and odd things. Like a lot of plaster hands. I don’t remember the last time I felt quite so carefree!

friends wedding sillinessI threw a wedding shower for one of my oldest friends a few weekends ago. It was a really lovely time, mostly because she is a lovely person and has lovely family and friends. I have lots of pictures to share about that but here is one fun thing I did that anyone could do. I have a stash of Ball jars I use for parties. For this I decided to go crazy and I spray painted a few of them gold to go with the party colors. It played so well with the bright pink and purple flowers I picked up. So fun and easy!

Gold ball jar

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th. I am going to try to start using Instagram on this trip. If you do too, you can follow me at BecccaDing!


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