Porch Makeover

Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, it makes all your other old stuff look a lot worse? Like you get a new top and suddenly the jeans you wear it with are like, yikes so last year. Or whatever. Right?

After we “finished” [nothing is ever really finished] the front yard landscaping it looked so nice that it made our front porch look, well, really bad. Like, wow we’ve lived with this for a year?

old porch

Even one of our good friends commented that “if it were his house he would do something about that railing.” We agreed. We’ve talked about completely redoing it – removing the metal and adding some rustic wood pillars or something. We may still do that down the road. But for a quick fix, what is better than a can [or five] of white spray paint?

white railing

So much better already!

But then the nice crisp white railing made the old bench just look awful.

old porch bench

Like so many things in the house there was a time when I thought I could redo this. You know, maybe paint it turquoise. But it was just a piece of crap. So we replaced it.

With this guy!

new porch bench

Rawr. Andy found this perfect-for-us bench on overstock.com. Free shipping yo. Can’t beat it.

But then that mailbox! Awful! The same color as the old railing. We can’t have that now.

So we replaced it. Andy found this guy on Amazon. I dig it.

new mailbox

We still needed a little color so we turned to the same place we’ve ordered two other rugs for our house [overstock, duh] and got a preppy little blue hounds-tooth outdoor rug.

new bench and rug for porch

But the  biggest purchase and change was also the most functional [well, I guess the mailbox is very functional too. And the bench. Whatever. Go with it]. I have hated our old porch and garage lighting since the day we bought this house. If you scroll up you can see. Just so basic, old and really not very good at providing light. So we splurged and bought this and this  from Restoration Hardware when they had their Friends and Family 20% sale.


new outdoor light

and the porch…

new porch light

We got the 14 inch in bronze for each of them.

We spent a little chunk of change [and Andy still has white spray paint on his feet] getting this makeover done, but it was so worth it. The front of our house feels more and more like “us” and less like a retired Polish couple who refuse to spend any money, ever. There are still things we want to do but I think we are just about there on Project Curb Appeal, at least for 2013.

updated porch 2013



One thought on “Porch Makeover

  1. Decorum DIYer says:

    I say it all of the time: “One thing leads to another.” Of course, then I start singing the 80’s song of the same name. I think your changes look great. I bet you find yourself smiling when you enter your home. Great job!

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