An Open Letter To My Friend, Who Moved Away

Dear friend.

You are moving away.

This makes us both sad, for similar reasons, although our coming days will be quite different.

You will be somewhere new, navigating all that comes with newness. Excitement, stress, loneliness and exhaustion.

I will be here. And life will keep moving forward, as it always has, as it always will. There will be dinners and weekends and YouTube video marathons that you cannot be here for, because you are far away. This will be sad for me, although I’ll try not to tell you too often. I don’t want to hold you back.

You see, dear friend, nothing in your new world will be quite like it is here. For one, I am not there 😉 Everything will be different. And yet.

And yet.

So much will be the same. Where you are going are people and places and lives that are all ready to be made better because you are there. Somewhere there is a single woman, a newlywed, a stay at home mom, a widow – a friend – who needs you. Needs your joy and laughter and constant pointing to Christ. She needs someone to have coffee with, to open up to, to be encouraged by your presence. She needs you.

And you see, I know this because that was me, four years ago. I needed you, and you were my friend. And I am better because of that.

In this day of Twitter and text and Instagram and Skype, I k now we will stay in close, even daily, contact. I know that I will miss you horribly and secretly pray, forever perhaps, that you move back. I don’t know how long you will be where you are going. But I do know that there are people who are ready for you there. And when you find them, they will love you. I hope they know what a gift they have.

Until the time when we call the same place home, be it in this world or another, wherever I am, there will always be a place for you too.


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