A Little Night Light

It’s been a rough week and my brain is lurching to keep up, so I’ll just jump right in. We installed new bedside lights into our custom headboard!

Like most older homes, our house has virtually no overhead lighting. In our bedroom we’ve been using a $7 Ikea floor lamp. With our new bed I really wanted to get some bedside lamps. But with our night stands being so low it would be hard to get lamps that looked good and gave the right kind of light. We decided we wanted to mount lights into the headboard so that they’d  be within switch off reach but still overhead.

We looked forever. The trick was we needed something with a switch on it, which basically none of them had. So we eventually just picked what we loved and Andy figured out a way to install a switch separately. We ordered everything back in June, but of course the lights were on back order from Restoration Hardware. The good news is we were able to get the Friends and Family pricing even after we ordered! They do 30 day price adjustments 🙂

This weekend Andy took his knowledge of electrical work to a new level and installed our lights with switches. It was pretty tricky to figure it out but I think he was very pleased that he learned something new.

new night lightsAlthough a little hard to see, I really like how they blend into the headboard a bit. I didn’t want them to be focal points, just a perfect addition to the rustic feeling we have going on. I love the vintage bulbs they came with too.

light close upThe lights don’t have a switch on them so Andy ordered some vintage looking switches and installed them. I really don’t know how he did it. It took awhile. And there were some blown fuses. But it’s done and safe and all that good stuff.

light switchBecause I don’t want to end on a picture of a switch:

new bed lightThe next time we have our electrician come out we are going to have him install a ceiling fan. Then aside from keeping our eyes peeled for a new dresser and hanging up some more wall decor, we are calling our bedroom done.




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