I Love Portland

Andy and I have been super lucky to travel a bunch in our life together. The funny thing is, despite amazing once in a lifetime trips to Spain, Belize, Costa Rica and lots of annual visits to Tennessee and Florida, we really haven’t traveled just the two of us much. We’ve always tagged along with family. For our five-year anniversary we decided to remedy that and take a trek to Portland and Seattle – just the two of us.

Ok, if I had a buck for every time someone asked me why we were going to Portland I would have those Cole Haan wedges I’m dying for. We initially selected it because my brother lives there and makes it sound pretty darn incredible. Which it is. Hang in there.

Instead of an itinerary review I’m going to give it to you in list form. Mmm lists. I love lists.

A List of Reasons to Go to Portland.

#1 Beer

portland beer

I’m not like a huge beer aficionado but seriously. Beer is everywhere. And it’s cheap. And all really good. I don’t even know how many craft brewers there are in the greater Portland area but there’s enough to keep you extremely well hydrated for the course of your stay.

#2 Food

portland food tasty and adler

Trendy restaurant food.


Brunch food.

It’s cheap. It’s readily available. It’s amazing. My brother took us to some really good places.

#3 Nature

portland the gorge


Guys, the Midwest is lame. I mean I like it and people are super nice and we are really good at using our crockpots, but wow. Oregon is crazy gorgeous. My  brother drove us out to the Gorge and we went on a waterfall hike. It blew my mind. Felt like Costa Rica. Or the Shire. On our next visit we hope to get out and do even more stuff. Even just walking through the neighborhoods, all the flowers were incredible. It must be all those months of rain and mild temps.

#4 More food

portland pizza

This pizza was chef’s choice. You got two slices of I think six different kinds of pizza. Heaven for three food enthusiasts such as us.

#5 Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.


portland_stumptown_coffeeIf you haven’t picked up on it by now, Portland basically speaks my love languages. Good food, good coffee. Good shoes. Ok a lot of people wear  ugly shoes but I can deal with that. The coffee was so good, everywhere.

#6 Forest Park


Portland has a giant, 35 mile big, park/forest preserve IN THE CITY. Like two blocks from our hotel. We spent a whole afternoon hiking and walking through the International Test Rose Garden.

#7 Weird



Portland is weird. But like, not the weird kid who doesn’t know he’s weird and it makes you uncomfortable. Portland is loud and proud, we’re weird and you are going to like it weird. And you will like it.

#8 Walkable


We walked everywhere. Which was necessary. See reasons 4, 2, and 1. But Portland is in some ways a bunch of neighborhoods. We walked by so many gorgeous houses with amazing gardens. Love.

#9 This guy

brother and sister

I think we would have loved Portland no matter what, but seeing my big brother really took it to a next level. Thanks for walking, eating, drinking and touring with us bro. You’re the best.

portland rose garden

After Portland we rented a car and drove up to Seattle for a few days. Stay tuned…


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