Seattle is Nice Too

I think we have covered that we loved Portland. After about three days there we headed up to Seattle. And we liked it. Although Portland stole our hearts we certainly enjoyed it’s slightly more polished big sibling to the north.

The trip north got off to a slightly rocky start when we went to pick up our rental car at about 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Whoopsies.

enterprise closed sign

Thankfully we found another Enterprise that was still open and they were super accommodating.

Our first night in Seattle we hit up this super hip and almost secretive [you have to enter through the alley] bar. We barely found it, Finally we saw a sign in the alley:

seattle gin bathtub house

We ordered drinks and sat in their very dark basement lounge. I was grumpy going in but the soft leather couches and half price drinks cheered me up pretty quick.

andy gin bar

Like Portland, Seattle had some yummy eats. Ok everything we ate was good!

We wanted to go to this Tom Douglas restaurant so badly that we actually ate two dinners that night. Good thing we did a lot of walking!

seattle serious pie

While at Serious Pie we got a tip to hit up a very pricey restaurant right on the water for happy hour. Good eats, good view.

seattle happy hour

We were in Seattle on a Sunday so we went to service at the downtown location of Mars Hill church. It was really nice, in a beautiful old church.

mars hill church seattle

One of my favorite things we did in Seattle was take a ferry to Bainbridge Island. It’s about 45 minutes long and just beautiful. Once on the island, it’s a little touristy but we had a nice time.seattle ferry bainbridge

Andy actually liked the coffee in Seattle better, but for me it had nothing on  Portland. This was a cool place though. They hire young adults off the street and teach them and give them jobs as baristas. Feel good coffee.seattle coffee

The best thing we did was head out to the wine country and do a few tastings. The first one we did was super stuffy and not our jam, but the second was fun. If you are in the Seattle area I highly recommend stopping by Airfield Estates winery or tasting rooms. If you are newer to wine definitely look for the smaller wineries to try out. Way friendlier and more helpful. Plus this one had a ton of whites to try! We had a great time and ordered quite a few bottles to be shipped home.
seattle wine tasting

We did a lot of window shopping in Seattle. Amusingly, several of the stores we stopped in actually have their flagship stores here in Chicago. Ha. But this one had really cool furniture made from local trees. Guess how much that table cost? Incorrect. It cost $40,000.
seattle old wood table

We did visit Pike Place in Seattle. Meh. Not that impressed.seattle pike place

That’s it to our five year anniversary extravaganza. On the way home we started discussing what cities we should hit up next for long weekends. On the list: Boston, San Francisco/Napa/Sonoma, Denver, Dallas, NYC [we’ve both been already but not together], Detroit. Just kidding on that last one.



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