Can I Come Back Now?

So yeah. I haven’t been around much. The second half of the summer has been hard and my zest for writing and sharing has been sapped.

That’s not to say that we’ve been sitting around. Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to [besides working overtime, eating, cleaning and sleeping].

We are ramping up our pink bathroom renovation. Eeek! We have spent what seems like a small fortune ordering everything we need the last few days. I will have many posts about that but here is a sneak peek of one of our inspiration pics. Slate. Herringbone. Swoon.

This grey stone tile in the beautiful herringbone pattern was Supposed to be what my clients bathroom tiles looked like.  ( only we used 12x24 tile ).    Then she     switched to .  ''brick pattern ''on day of install.   :((

From here.

I also discovered my new very favorite ever web site. The past year I have really been trying to spend a little more time and money on my wardrobe and general appearance. It’s been fun and I’ve had some splurges [hello Hunter rain boots]. But jewelry is just not something i can spend a lot of money on. Then I read about Kind of a deal a day site but has some very awesome jewelry for cheap. I ordered two fantastic necklaces earlier this month for a total of $24 and just ordered the one below. It was $3!

From here.

Our small group did Feed My Starving Children last week. It was fun! What an amazing organization. Rach and I look pretty foxy in hairnets don’t we? People ask us now and then if we are sisters. I love her like one, is that good enough?

Feed my Starving Children

My delphiniums had been toppled by a mid-summer storm. Just like momma said, they came back and bloomed again.


Speaking of flowers, you know you have found a keeper of a friend when they say YES when you ask them to drive well over an hour to a farmers market just so you can get flowers. And then you get lost. Three times. And it’s still a blast!

Farmers Market Floweres

This blogger doesn’t post often but she rarely fails to blow me away. I read something months ago on an older post of hers. It has resonated deeply with me recently. I clipped it from this post (wiggly highlighting is mine.) Although I love new shoes and jewelry, flowers and friends, the Cross has to be enough. Nothing else sustains.

Ten thousand things post

Hopefully i’ll be back soon with some fun house updates!


One thought on “Can I Come Back Now?

  1. Linnea says:

    “if nothing good ever happened again, the Cross was proof enough” — thank you for sharing. That is beautiful.

    I have a friend who works for veryjane! Such a neat idea.

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