Labor Day Weekend Fun

I have huge house updates to share but first I wanted to do a quick phone dump of our trip to New York state over Labor Day weekend.

I hate when good friends leave. I wish we could all just stay in the same place forever and live in a huge farmhouse together and cook dinner and go on walks and make s’mores in the toaster oven.  But alas, the good Lord has different plans and this summer  Dan and Stef moved to New York state. I was and still am very sad about this.

But what’s not sad? Our amazing four-day weekend together. Stef and I just marveled together on the last day how it felt like we could double the amount of time together and not get bored or annoyed. They are the cookie and creme to our peanut butter and jelly.

Stef took all the good pics on her camera but a few to keep the memories alive…

Stef and I snuck away for some much needed girl time. We got our nails did.

stef nails

And we pretended we were in high school and played with putting my hair in a sock bun.sock bun stef

We spent a lot of time together with Jake. He’s pretty great.

andy and jake

Their town has free carousels. I know! So we went. And I got motion sickness. True story.

This picture melts me. andy and jake

We went to some local wineries. Seriously such fun. Isn’t Stef pretty? I dang near stole her bubble necklace.wineries iwth stefI also dang near stole Jake.

jake and becca

To summarize how we felt about our trip to see Dan and Stef:

andy golf

We had a great time. Thankful for good friends to share life with.



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