Stuff I Heart: Cake Plates

When I was growing up, I wanted to be just like my Aunt Cheryl. Beautiful, fun and always poised I just adored her. Along with my mom, we share September birthdays, a flair for parties and a passion for shoes. Not like me she is good at crafts and decorating [that saint tied a beautiful ribbon bow on every single pew for my wedding ceremony] and is just generally three times as elegant.

One of the loveliest things about Aunt Cheryl (and my uncle) is that she/they are very generous. She always picked out the best birthday gifts – something fun and not perfectly practical. She was the one who bought me all my Cheers Mikasa wine glasses for my wedding showers [yes she sent me a gift to every single shower – I told you].

When a birthday check arrived from her a few weeks ago I knew she would completely support me buying something I totally did not need but really wanted. And here it is:


I saw this posted on a blog a few months ago and just really wanted it. I know I will use it for parties and even just daily decoration. It was $60 but I had a $25 coupon and free shipping so I decided to say happy birthday to me and go for it.

new cake plate

So glad I did! Everyone should have an Aunt Cheryl 🙂

Happy [early] birthday to my ever-radiant aunt and happy opening weekend to her daughter, our precious Hannah!


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