A Refreshed Hallway

GUYS. Our pink bathroom renovation is this close to being done! I cannot wait to share pictures with you. It looks amazing. I mean, anything besides the pink toilet would have been amazing, but this is for realsies amazing.

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you our little hallway refresh. It’s been done for over a month now, but hey, who’s counting?

I’d been wanting to do a picture gallery in the hallway forever. It’s definitely not done but we got a good start. I showed the wedding pictures we hung up a long time ago.


For the next large section of hallway we ended up using most of the same frames [Threshold line from Target] with a couple of fun exceptions.

hallway pictures

Some fun things.  The square mirror is from Crate and Barrel. I love love love it.


The small white frame has a photo of us parasailing in Florida. I found the Scrabble letters on Etsy for super cheap [after seeing some at a friend’s home and loving it].

hallway gallery pictures

The picture on the left is a photobooth picture from a wedding we went to with our besties this summer. I think it’s tempting sometimes to only use the highest resolution or the absolute most artistic photos in a gallery wall.  But i feel like you should use photos that you love, that mean something to you. After all, we walk down this hallway more than anyone.

hallway_gallery_picsThe Texas print is a printable we found on Etsy. It is the Texas state song in the shape of the state. Honestly, it’s the piece we like the least so I could see us replacing it at some point. But we are both from Texas so that is meaningful to us and we wanted to not only use photos. The E was a gift from special friends years ago right after we got married.

We hung up all these nice frames and pictures etc. and then realized there was a teeny tiny problem.

You couldn’t actually see the gallery wall. You see, that hallway is dark. We had installed a super cheap Lowes light fixture when we moved in, always planning to replace it. When we had the electrician out to work on the bathroom Andy had a brilliant idea.

Instead of one flushmount, how about two?

schoolhouse lights in  hallwaySo that’s what we did! I am really happy Andy had the idea. We had the electrician create the fixture and then we ordered two schoolhouse style lights [I don’t even remember what web site]. Simple and we now get a ton more light in the hallway. Yay for smart hubbies!



2 thoughts on “A Refreshed Hallway

  1. Ashley says:

    Hello! Do you happen to know the name of the Etsy seller or link you purchased your scrabble letters from? I love those!

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