San Francisco: Not Portland, But It’ll Do

I will post pictures of our remodeled guest bathroom at some point. I promise. We still have lots of finishing details to do though, ranging from plumbing the sink to buying new towels.

One reason the bathroom is still a ways from being legit done is we are basically jet setters [ha!] and swung out to San Francisco for the fastest trip ever. We landed Friday morning and left Sunday night. Whew!

My summary of San Francisco: It’s no Portland. But it was pretty nice.

We did so much in our three days there.

We did all the touristy stuff in one day, like visit the Golden Gate.

SanFranciscoSaw the sea lions. Stinky. But still cute?

San_Francisco_Sea_LionsHad good seafood.

San_Francisco_CodMotherThe next day Andy was at a client so I made myself comfortable in downtown Santa Cruz.


I can spend forever in a coffee shop like this one. If I hadn’t been hungry for lunch I likely would have just sat here all day.
Santa_Cruz_Verve_CoffeeOnce Andy was done with the client he and his coworker joined me for a little sight seeing and shopping. I’m not even going to explain this picture. Just, c’mon. This guy. So lovable.

Santa_Cruz_ShoppingOur last day was truly a whirlwind. We went up to Sonoma, did a wine tasting then whirled around to see the redwoods at Muir Woods.

Muir_WoodsMy favorite part of the trip. Awing.

RedwoodsFrom there we sauntered over to Sausalito for drinks and french fries [true story]. Mostly just to enjoy this view.

Sausalito_SunsetWe caught the red-eye back home and I have been paying for it all week. At least I get to sleep in my own bed. Poor Andy was off the next morning for another trip.





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