Making a Multi-Purpose Basement Space

In my last post [nearly two months ago…whoopsies] I introduced our basement renovation project. You might think that two months later we’d be done! Hahahaha…no.

Other than our kitchen renovation I think this is our biggest undertaking. It has been a massive and complex project to try to maximize our partial basement. When we first started talking about redoing it Andy wanted that home theater. I was more focused on storage and usability. As much as I hate doing laundry, the laundry room needed to be there too, and ideally be more functional. We also wanted to create an additional “hang out” space. Sound travels in our house due to the open floor plan and wood floors. So having a spot in the basement where our friends can hang out or in the future we can be and the kids can be sleeping upstairs was essential.

I touched upon the demolition in the last post. After we cleared out all the trash Andy got to work building out the walls to our new basement.

Here is coming down the stairs.

basement renovationOne of the challenges to most basements is they were created to be utilitarian. Meaning they often house your furnace, water heater, sump pump, etc. In order to disguise our sump pump Andy built a closet. You can see the door open below. We found a great deal on Angies List for a brand new sump pump. Now the sump pump will be easily accessible when we need to check it, but hidden from view. Perfect solution!

basement renovation sump pump closet

The other challenge was what to do with the laundry room. We decided that the space that the washer and dryer were in was not really going to be usable otherwise so we kept everything there. Andy built walls to enclose it. I was concerned about feeling claustrophobic so he left a very large opening and is planning on doing some kind of sliding door.

basement renovation laundry room

Tomorrow I’ll show you where we are today. Get ready, it’s a big jump!


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