Basement Renovation Progress

After Andy built out the walls on our basement a lot needed to happen. We had a plumber and electrician come in to install new outlets and move the plumbing – and whatever else it was they did down there that required big checks. I’m sure it’s all worth it 😉 Then we did what only the most experienced DIYers do – we brought in professionals to do the drywall! Praise the Lord! I can confidently say that was worth every single penny.

With new drywall the basement was starting to take shape. Andy began what I refer to as “the worst project ever.” One weekend while I was away he and a friend installed [built? assembled?] our stone accent wall. It was messy. It was back-breaking. I helped for a mere three hours and pretty much whined the entire time. But now that it’s done, I love how it looks!

Pardon the mess…

Basement Stone Wall

Each stone had to be placed and adhered individually. So you can imagine.

Stone Wall Closeup

After the wall mess was cleaned up Andy spent the next weekend installing a cork floor. Why cork? Well, we originally considered doing it in other areas of our house [but am glad we didn’t] so we. Cork is warm, reasonably priced and easy to install yourself. It feels soft under your feet and will be easy to maintain.

Basement cork floor

After that was complete Andy moved the washer and dryer to their new home and moved the cabinets that had been waiting patiently in our garage to their new homes. These cabinets are in the laundry room.

Laundry room cabinets

The cabinets in the picture below will be part of the main room of the basement. We will buy a fridge to go between the cabinets and the sump pump closet. We’ll install granite and a sink. The cabinets will mainly be used for storage.

basement cabinets

Here’s a look at the laundry room. So exciting, right 😉Basement laundry roomThere is lots of work to come. Installing a drop ceiling, building shelving. This project is far from over but it is exciting to see the vision coming to fruition!



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