The Last Weekend of 2013: NYC

On the last weekend of 2013 Andy and I had the chance to jet off to NYC for a quick weekend trip. As most of our little adventures go, we focused mainly on food, drinks and doing whatever struck our fancy.

Originally I had planned an..enterprising…agenda that had us up and down the city. Andy quickly ix-nayed that. We decided that every time we go to NYC we will stay in a new neighborhood and see everything there is to see on foot.

This trip we stayed right in the middle of everything, just blocks from Times Square and Fifth Avenue. Keep in mind this was just days from New Years Eve so it was nuts!

Our first night we visited Times Square. Insanity. Pure insanity. Not for the claustraphobic.

Times Square

We hit up a cute, trendy restaurant for dinner.

NYC restaurant

Funny thing about NYC. The buildings are so close together that although our hotel room had a window, it was to the alley. And since the next building was so close no actual daylight came into said alley. Thus we slept way way in. This cup of coffee and delicious pastry really should have been considered lunch.
NYC CoffeeNever mind that though, we had no problem squeezing in the next meal just an hour later.

NYC PizzaWe spent all day walking. We went into lots of the fancy stores on Fifth Avenue. Interestingly the nicest salespeople we met were at the Rolex store. Go figure!

We wandered into Grand Central Station, so much like our own Union Station.

NYC Grand Central Station

Andy and I parted ways around 3 that afternoon. He made it back to the hotel. I waited in the longest line ever to get theater tickets. But at least it was a successful wait and later that night we saw Big Fish.

NYC Broadway Big FishSuch a great show! I loved the smaller theater and the actors were amazing. I believe the night after we went was their last night but maybe it will come to Chicago someday.

Our last day was a little bit of a bummer. It poured cold rain most of the day. We managed to slog our way through much of it.

NYC CoffeeSo glad we managed to squeeze this in during a busy holiday season! Seeing new cities, eating good foods and sipping on good drinks with my wonderful husband is among my favorite things to do.


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