It’s a….

I have SO many home updates to post. And I will.  But first I thought I’d pop in with life update.

Its a Boy

We found out on Friday we are having a boy! We could not be more excited.

Now that we know the gender it is a LOT easier to start to think about the nursery. Let’s be real – there are seven million amazingly cute girl nursery designs for every boy one. So this should be a cinch.

We want the nursery to fit with the rest of our house. When he’s a bigger kid he’ll want more input – which likely will mean sports themes and band posters and maybe even black painted walls someday. Whatever. For now, for this one small thing, we are in control little one!

We love the Joya Rocker and Anderson Walnut crib. This pic is from Land of Nod but these pieces can be found elsewhere too.

Crib and rocker

Love some of the whimsical animal prints that are out there. Maybe a little Wes Anderson vibe in the nursery?

October Little Fox Illustration, Fox Art Print, Nursery Art, Children Decor, Fox Art, Orange Fox Art. $20.00, via Etsy.


The nursery is a tiny room so we will be taking our time to make sure pieces fit well. I am looking forward to having every room in our house finished!


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