Grant Paul – One Month!

One of the biggest reasons I started blogging was to have a place to keep some of our memories. I’m not a scrapbooker or even very good at making photo albums. But I write and, since the invention of the smartphone, I take some pictures. So blogging works for me.

Now that we have Grant, I especially want to capture some of his milestones. I can already tell that the severe sleep deprivation will make it hard to remember these days! So even though Grant is actually 7 weeks, I didn’t want to miss his one month update!

grant one monthCongratulations Grant on making it through the first month of being alive! Big things that happened this month. Well, you were born! We also had newborn pictures taken at two weeks.

Grant and quilt

We took lots of walks.

Grant for a walk

We had lots of fun with how flexible newborns are.

flexible Grant

We gave you a few baths. You really hated them.Grant bath

But mostly we just had lots of snuggles!

Grant snuggles

One month stats:

11 pounds, 11 ounces, 23 inches

Likes this month:

Eating [see weight above], snuggling with Daddy in the mornings, going on walks, being held, tummy time

Dislikes this month:

Sleeping, getting dressed, diaper changes, bath time

Notables of the month:

Meeting lots of family, getting baby acne, sleeping in your own room since day five when mommy decided you couldn’t sleep in her room anymore.


We love you Grant Paul! Thanks for all the fun in month one!

Grant one month


One thought on “Grant Paul – One Month!

  1. Diane Schultz says:

    Ever since Grandma sent me the link, I check out the photos —– every day. He is so cute and sweet. He has a very special Mom and Dad. I am so thankful for all of you. This is my daily “charge”. The comments are great also. We LOVE you, Grant Paul. Great Grandma Diane

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