Grant Paul – 2 Months

Oh Grant. Your second month started off rough for dear old mom. Four weeks of sleep deprivation set in, dad traveled [a lot] for work, and you went through a super fun growth spurt. Despite all that, we LOVED your second month of life. Every day you seem bigger, more alert and more interested in everything around you!


On your first day as a two month old you treated us with your first real smile!

First smile

And now you smile all the time.

grant smileMom got tired of you never napping so we started you on a nap schedule. It took about a week but you started napping well and getting tired when you were supposed to during the day.

Grant sleep nap You kick ALL the time.


You love tummy time. Well until you start crying. But up until the screeches, it’s basically your favorite.

grant tummy time

You started making more noises and funny facial expressions. Your little coos are our favorite.

grant funny face

IMG_0774Daddy remains your all-time favorite person. You love him so much you let him dress you up as a tiger for Halloween! Rawr!

grant halloweenWe had a wedding to attend that night and you pretty much came second in best dressed after the bride.

andy grant halloween

Bath time is no longer traumatic. You don’t particularly love it, but the panicked crying while we clean you up has ceased. Phew!Grant bath time

All in all, we think your second month of life was pretty great. Grant Paul, we love you!

Two month stats:

13 lbs, 13 oz, 24.5 inches

Kicking on the new playmat, meeting Daddy for lunch, eating, taking naps, tummy time, morning snuggles

Sleeping in the crib (the bassinet works for now)

Grant two months


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