Grant Paul – Three Months

Three months old!

Grant three months smiles

Amazing. Little Grant, it feels like you’ve gone from being a tiny newborn to a little man in the last month. Every time I send a picture to someone they comment on how “huge” you are!

Little man grant

This was a big month for us. Mom went back to work. 2 a.m. wakeups are a little less annoying now. It’s time we get together at least.

time with mommy

You started sleeping in your crib at night. One day Dad just decided to put you in and you slept like normal in there. We are working on transitioning you to the crib for naps. After many months of trying, we have given up on swaddling you and just use a sleep sack now. We are ready for you to have a tiny bit more control over your flailing arms.

unswaddled grant

Speaking of naps – three months has been the month of the daytime schedule. You eat at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 and a dream feed at 10 [plus 1-2 night feedings] and take good naps during the day. Sometimes we have to wake you up!

Sleepy Grant

Although your heart will always belong to kicking, you have started using your hands more and grabbing at things intentionally.

using hands to grab

You are really trying to suck on your hands but it’s still a little hard for you to un-clench your fist on command.

Grant fist

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.

Happy thanksgiving grant

turkey day smiles

You are a happy, happy baby. I tell people all the time that I can’t even be frustrated that you don’t sleep so well at night yet because you just wake up SO happy.

happy grant

Sometimes though you do sleep really well and we have to work to wake you up in the morning.

wake up grant

You are getting strong and I can tell you are eager to start sitting up and crawling. During tummy time you kick your legs and swing your arms. In your mind you are propelling forward! We all think you will army crawl first.

grant tummy time moving

You also really want our attention now. Sometimes at dinner if we just talk to each other you will make a lot of noise until we pay attention to you. It’s fun to see how you have learned the effect your smiles and coos have on people, especially us!

Grant three months tummy time

We don’t have another doctors appointment until you are four months, so not sure your stats this month. But you seem to be a very healthy little man!


Being helped to sit up, tummy time, Saturday naps with daddy, kicking your legs on the changing table pad, slamming yours legs down on the crib mattress, making lots of noises, “talking” with us, smiling to get our attention


Napping longer than 45 minutes in the crib, when playtime ends [even though you are super tired]

Grant three months cuteWe love you Grant Paul! What do you think about sticking with us for another month?



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