Four Great Toys for Four Months

This has become a mommy blog.

#sorry #notsorry

Truth is, being a mom consumes the vast majority of my mental and emotional energy…and I’m totally cool with that.

With Christmas just behind us, the thought crossed my mind it might be helpful to do the occasional baby favorites post. Lots of our wonderful, generous family members asked me what toys would be good for Grant. I spent hours looking for toys that would be good for this stage of his life and honestly there wasn’t a lot of help out there! Up until about 3 and a half months he only really liked his playmat. But he is just now really starting to get into some new toys, so I thought I would share our four-month favorites.

Sophie the Giraffe

Grant was so uninterested in this teething toy for the longest time. Then one day – bing! He fell in love. She’s the perfect size and weight. The 100% rubber is very grippy and she offers lots of good edges to chew on. Plus all the paint is food safe, so I don’t worry about him gnawing at noxious chemicals. We love Sophie. She does make a squeaky noise but he hasn’t figured that out yet, so she is appropriate to bring in any setting!




Grant’s grandma got this for him for Christmas. I wasn’t sure if he would be into it for a little while longer. I was wrong. He LOVES this new toy. We alternate play time between this and tummy time on his mat. We have to put a pillow under his feet because he can’t touch the ground, but this kid can catch some air in this toy.




Soft blocks

These are PERFECT. Super light, crunchy with a variety of textures and things to chew on. Plus they squish down in my diaper bag so I always keep one with us. Oh and they absorb drool. #truth

Skip Hop Stuffed Giraffe

For momma, this toy is perfect because it is actually kind of pretty. The muted colors are a nice change 🙂

Grant loves to look at the mirror on this toy while he is doing tummy time. He can hug and hold it and is usually trying to get the plastic leaf into his mouth.

There you have it. Four great toys any four-month old would enjoy. At least my kid does!


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