Grant Paul – Five Months

Five months old. That basically means you are six months old. Which translates into half a year which means you are basically a year old now. #mommylogic

5 months oldThis has been a blur of a month. Post holidays, back to work, frigid weather, some chaos in the childcare department, and daddy traveling a bit all add up to some crazy days.

grant chins

This month we are seeing more and more of your personality. At least I hope this is your personality! You smile and laugh ALL the time. When you are tired and crabby it usually only takes a big goofy smile to get you grinning back. Oh I hope you stay this way!

happy grant 5 monthsYou definitely have a silly streak. You make some really  hilarious faces.


You also are becoming way more attached to mommy and daddy. No separation anxiety yet, but you look for us when we walk away and you calm down fastest when we are holding you. The other day dad got home from work and you got SO excited and kept looking back and forth like, “MOM! Dad’s home! Do you see?? DAD’S HOME!” So cute.

IMG_1368You are getting stronger and can now push up during tummy time!

Grant tummy time push upYou still love to stand and be helped to sit up.

grant standingYou are sleeping well at night – usually just one wake up to eat. Your naps are still really short. How about we grow out of that phase by the next month ok?

You want to put everything in your mouth.

IMG_1576Really, everything.

IMG_1586-0Not an exaggeration here.

foot in mouthWhat will the next month bring? Who knows, but we are sure it will be full of fun!


Five Month Stats:

Nothing official, so let’s go with “big”

Five Month Likes:

Playing in the jumper, tummy time, snuggling, bath time, listening to music, chewing on your feet, smiling

Five Month Dislikes:

Nap time, thinking anyone is trying to put you down for a nap, having to wait more than .02 seconds to eat



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