Thank Heaven for Little Girls

I love being a mama to a little boy. The grunts, the craziness, even the clothes. But let’s be honest. Who doesn’t adore a little baby girl? I am so fortunate that my dearest friend Rachael has not just one but TWO little girls. Or at least will soon as she is due any day with a new darling.

Since she already has a girl she didn’t need too much but I firmly believe every baby deserves a party, so a few of us had a little baby sprinkle a month or so ago.

IMG_1972I kept things very simple and focused the little decor I did on the dining table and the console where we put the gifts.

IMG_1978Little girl clothes are ready-made decoration!

IMG_1974Also, my name is Becca and I have an addiction to Baby Gap clearance.

IMG_1975Who could resist this furry winter hat for a million percent off of clearance? Not me.

IMG_1973Sara (at the end of the table] came up with such a  good craft! Decorate baby hangers. She brought all the supplies and it was so fun. I love useful crafts.

IMG_1969The pretty mama to be enjoyed it!

IMG_1970Everyone brought lots of generous gifts. Claire enjoyed opening them all for her baby sister.

IMG_1964This high chair is the gift that keeps on giving.

IMG_1976I somehow neglected to take any pictures of the food. But it was good.

IMG_1971We were so pleased to celebrate you Rachael!

IMG_1965-0Claire has been such a joy to us for nearly three years. We just know this next little one will be just as smart and sweet.

IMG_1968Since I can’t do a whole blog post without one picture of Grant…the kids played after the guests had left. Not sure Claire was okay with that.

IMG_1963Happy baby sprinkle Rachael!






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