Grant Paul – Seven Months

I am SO behind on monthly updates. I am going to just get these posted using phone pictures so as not to delay any longer!


Month 7 was a fantastic one. You are such a happy, lovable baby. We are hoping you are banking brownie points now so that when you are a challenging toddler people will still want to babysit!


This month’s biggest accomplishment was learning to crawl! You were so close for a long time and then one day I was like, wait a minute, did you just move forward? And a few days later you were moving and grooving.


It’s slightly less of a true crawl and more of a lunge/flop combo. But hey baby, you  make it look good. You also love to stand and trying to pull yourself up to stand. And climb stairs!


This month we started solids! So far you’ve had avocado, sweet potato, banana and oatmeal. Sometimes you eat more than others but you like them pretty well.

IMG_2213You are becoming so much more aware and interested in everything – especially your toys!


IMG_2165Learning to crawl is wearing you out. Unfortunately you wake up in the middle of the night trying to crawl. And mommy is tired.

IMG_2124We are looking forward to spring and summer and all the fun things we’ll be able to do.

IMG_2049We love you Grant Paul!



One thought on “Grant Paul – Seven Months

  1. Joseph says:

    I put Elijah on the floor when changing him in the middle of the night. When I turn to put the old diaper in the trash he usually flips over and starts crawling away.

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