Grant Paul – 8 Months

Seeing as I am ordering first birthday party invitations, seems like a good time to get caught up on the last three monthly updates!


Month 8 was another crazy one. As soon as you learned to crawl it was like, watch out world. On one hand you are so much fun. But on the other there was something nice about being about to just set you down and you didn’t move…


You also cut your first teeth – both the bottom ones [not that we see them much as you LOVE your pacifer].


In any case, we are loving our time with you! Big news this month is we are moving! We sold our house and bought a new one. You were quite the trooper with house showings.


The best news this month – YOU STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Huzzah! Right at your 7 month mark you started sleeping 11-12 hours every day. It coincided with when I started giving you some baby oatmeal mixed with breastmilk an hour before bed. I don’t know if that was the magic, but you can believe I did it every day!


We’ve had some good weather days this month and have been able to enjoy some walks.


With a combination of the weather and you being able to stay awake longer, we are trying to get out and about. You are a great Costco bud!


You love being outside. Not so sure how you feel about grass, but that will come.


We  love seeing your silly, fun personality come out!



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