Grant Paul – 9 Months

Only two months behind on my monthly updates for Grant. Victory?


Month 9 was a big one for you Grant! We packed up our first home, moved to a new one, celebrated Mother’s Day, and more!


This month you started “regular” crawling. You’ve been moving since month 6 but this month you got up on all fours and learned how to really cruise!


You rode in a swing – and loved it! You are definitely your father’s child – you love speed and [the illusion of] danger!


Mom and Dad have both been traveling lots this past month so you’ve had quality one on one time.


Thankfully it only happened once before your head got too big but you learned to crawl under our bed frame.


You love to play. Your attention span is short, and that’s a generous description. Currently you love balls and anything you can grab.


The weather has been beautiful and you love going on walks and hanging out in the backyard.


You are working on your top two teeth and currently love to pull yourself up to stand on anything and everything. You can “walk” holding onto things too and pull yourself up on lots of things – like moving boxes.


Grant you just are too much fun.

At your 9 month appointment you weighed 20 lbs 13 oz and were 30 inches long. Staying steady at the 97% for height (70% for weight). IMG_3187We love you!



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