Grant Paul – 10 Months

Your tenth month brought summer, lots of travel for mom and a new house!

Along with your new house came a new baby swing, which you love.IMG_1776It’s a fun time to be an almost one year old. Daddy bought you a water table to play in while he plants new bushes.

IMG_3003Your giant hat was a Costco find. Speaking of Costco, it’s basically your favorite place in the world. So much to look at! You do a good job sitting in the cart and smiling at people.

IMG_1718I had a long work trip at the end of June so you got some quality time with your favorite guy.

IMG_2968No boys weekend could be complete without a trip to Costco to pick up some meat.


You are enjoying the new house. There’s tons of room to crawl and push your walker.

IMG_0017You have quite the personality. Silly and happy most of the time but increasingly we are seeing your strong will. No one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to!

IMG_2858You’ve had a few more teeth pop through. You had a few days where you learned you could grind your teeth together [oh it was awful]. The cute part was that you made this Godfather face while you did it.

IMG_1664You are constantly on the move. You crawl very fast and want to stand and pull yourself up on everything!

IMG_2890We love you silly boy!




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