Grant Paul – 11 Months

At least a few times a week someone asks me, can you believe Grant is almost a year! As I told your daddy last night, yes, yes I can. It’s been an amazing year and you have changed so much, but it definitely does not feel like yesterday that you joined our little family!

You are totally into everything and moving everywhere! You aren’t fully walking on your own but you love to use your walker and will even use our kitchen chairs to get around!


I feel like this picture kind of encapsulates the last month. Lots of fun, but my you have made yourself heard.


Separation anxiety has fully set in and you. want. mommy. all the time. Thankfully recently the whining has greatly improved because it was getting a little old!


We took you on vacation with your grandparents, aunt and uncle and you had lots of fun. You were a trooper in all the restaurants [and your relatives were troopers in embracing 5pm dinner reservations].

IMG_0012While on vacation we were able to snap some new family photos.


IMG_0010We also took you to the the beach for the first time. You loved it! The crashing waves and the sand made you squeal with joy.IMG_3235You also went in the [room temperature] hot tub for a few minutes. You liked it but you liked getting to take a bath in the HUGE tub our rental house had better.

IMG_0019This isn’t the best quality picture but I just love it. You can be clingy sometimes but mostly you are brave and adventurous and NO ONE brings that out in you like your loving daddy.


You also love being around other people. You love the church nursery [although we often come to pick you up and you are all teary-eyed, but it seems it’s almost always because another baby started crying and you are an empathy-crier] and you love when your “friends” come over – even if they are just a little bigger than you. I have a feeling you are going to be looking up to Jake for a long time.


One more month until you are one little man! I already feel like the baby days are long gone and you are ready to assume the role of toddler!



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