Grant Paul – 12 Months

Oh sweet Grant. I just put you down to bed. It’s the night of your first birthday and as I soaked in a few extra snuggles before I set you in your crib, I marveled at how you’ll never really know how much I love you. When you have your own kids you’ll have a glimpse, but I don’t know if a dad can really understand the ferocity of a mother’s love. Someday I’ll write a how blog post trying to explain it but for now, even if you don’t ever really get it, I hope you never doubt it.

This past month, and really the past year, has been amazing.


As you turn from baby to toddler, it is a delight to watch you discover the amazing things about this world.IMG_3394

You are funny and curious, strong-willed and opinionated. That last part must be from your dad.


You love all kinds of things, from walking (you started that at about 11.5 months) and singing to brushing your teeth with dad in the morning. If you even see him brushing his teeth you immediately start screeching to be included.


You love visitors and part of me feels guilty for not putting you in a daycare because I know you’d love being around all the other kids.


You are amazingly consistent in your schedule, which makes traveling easier.  Even in a hotel crib you sleep a solid 11 hours every night.


You love to climb up on things [and drop things when you are up high].


More than anything you love your mommy and daddy.


And although you love new places and people, you’re pretty happy just at home with us.


Some funny things you started this month: talking into every object like it’s a cellphone.


And climbing into everything you can.

Grant, we say every day how much fun you are now more than ever.


Happy, happy, happy birthday sweet baby. You have made our lives infinitely richer.


You’ve changed so much since you were our little newborn, and we’ve treasured every moment. Love you forever.



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