Apple Picking Fun


Last weekend we joined every family in the Chicagoland area and went apple picking! I love apple picking. Apple picking and cutting down a fresh Christmas tree are two activities that are TOTALLY worth driving an  hour + to do [in part because you get fresh donuts]. Unfortunately Andy does not agree with my valuation of these activities. But hurrah, we now have a child so it’s TOTALLY for the BABY that we need to do this. What father would deprive their child of moments like this:


My guys. So cute. So matching.


We went with a handful of friends and their babies. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, nice blue sky. Grant loves apples and we were more than happy to let him gnaw as many as he wanted [result: two very full diapers in an hour]

If this doesn’t look like the life…


All the moms took the hayride out while the dads pushed empty strollers

Apparently apple farms also sell pumpkins. We didn’t buy any but Grant had a blast playing with them.

He wanted to lift them up so bad…IMG_0043

Maybe next year bud, maybe next year.

Lane and Andy and their happy progeny.

IMG_0049Our sweet friend Stef snagged a great family photo of us! Thanks Stef!


After picking apples and eating my weight in apple cider donuts [SO GOOD], we headed home. I now have approximately two months to convince Andy that cutting down a fresh Christmas tree will be this much fun…


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