Calvin Andrew | One Month

Playing a little bit of catch up here, but I am determined to capture these memories!

Calvin’s first month was…honestly a blur. Ha. Cal, I promise we love you. But two kids under the age of two is no joke. Things are busy, in the absolute slowest sense of the word, around here.


We spent a little extra time in the hospital because you had jaundice. That was hard but thankfully you worked it out in just a day, thanks to the wise guidance of our amazing pediatrician.


You look SO much like your brother and remind me of him in many ways already. But one way you are different – slow weight gainer. I actually had to bring you in extra to the doctor to get weighed! We made some adjustments and you gained enough to keep Dr happy.


Lots of cuddling. You are a sleepy baby and very easy to settle.


you also spit up…a lot. I never had to burp Grant so this is new for us. Thankfully it doesn’t cause you any discomfort so I think we call this a “laundry problem.”


We got asked a LOT how Grant was adjusting to you. For the most part, he ignores you, but then will just love to get close to you and look at you – especially your toes. You “gave” him his first ever backpack as a present. You can pay me back later.


You are very expressive. You started smiling very early and although you are pretty quiet, you make your feelings known.


We love you Cal.

At 4 weeks you weighed: 10 lbs 8 oz and were 22 inches

You like napping, falling asleep nursing, and one on one attention from mom or dad.

You don’t like keeping your food down or sleeping longer than a 4 hour stretch at night


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