Calvin Andrew | Two Months

What a gift it was to have a baby right at the start of a beautiful spring season in Chicago! While it’s tricky to have a newborn and a young toddler, being able to be outside helped a lot.


When you were just about six weeks you got to meet your Uncle Dan, Aunt Sarah and your Grandpa.



You also got your first cold and cough. No pictures because it was beyond miserable. I was sick too but listening to your horrible hacking cough (and the subsequent spitting up) broke my heart. It lasted 10 days so that is a good chunk of your second month!


Not surprising, you are super strong. You have great neck control and are nice and sturdy.


As with Grant, we did lots of tummy time!


At the end of your second month we agreed that you are starting to become a little person. A bonus of being the second child is that we know how much fun is ahead – for you and us! We can’t wait to see you grow.


At your two month appointment you weighed 12 lbs and 1.7 oz and were exactly 24 inches long. You smile all the time, but especially when mom or dad make eye contact. It often seems you “come alive” when you get one on one attention after Grant is in bed.


You wake up twice at night to eat most nights and nap four times a day (although your daytime schedule is still a little fuzzy). We’ll work on that next month!


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