Grant the Tool Man

Every kid has their obsessions. For Grant he can get fixated on a toy or a book and want to do nothing else for anywhere from 10 minutes to a day or two. But it’s rare for an interest to be as consistent as Grant’s adoration of tools and all tool related activities.

He got his first set of tools at Christmas because of how much he loved helping daddy with any kind of “project.”


Hammering is a favorite and one of his earlier words was “hammer hammer hammer.” Complete with the motions 🙂IMG_0099

Shockingly (or maybe not) his intense play tool practice has led to actual abilities using real tools. Grant was helping Andy build something this past spring. He turned around for a nanosecond and Grant had picked up a hammer and was actually properly holding the nail and hammer. Possibly more adeptly than I would…IMG_0060

No one can teach him something like dada.IMG_0059

Sometimes things get crazy and we hammer our other tools.

Not sure if this means he’ll be in construction or just really handy around the house like his dad, but I don’t see his love for tools going anywhere anytime soon!



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