Calvin Andrew | Seven Months

Yikes I need to finish these blog posts. To capture my darling second child’s milestones? Well, yes. But really because I have so many other things I want to blog about but refuse to until poor Cal is caught up!

[I promise we love you Cal]

Month seven. I was traveling a lot for work so only have a few photos from our “real” camera.

You are becoming a little “person.” Interested in all the things happening around you.dsc05159

Unfortunately you are often confined to the stroller for many of these “things.” Thank goodness you for the most part are very complacent.  We went to the pumpkin farm on a chilly October day.dsc05161

Proof that you were there!


You and your brother are becoming so attached. Grant calls you Calvin, which is darling since the rest of us all refer to you as Cal.img_7855img_7987img_8012

We spent time with family, including my dad. My dad experienced a severe stroke a few months before Cal was born so looking back on this picture is special.

Most exciting, you started to crawl! Just after completing month six you started crawling. Interestingly, this is exactly when Grant started crawling too. Guess it’s genetic!


You love your jumper. Hate solid food [no seriously we just gave up on it for a few weeks because you were gagging so much]. Still wake up once at night, but we’re getting closer, I can feel it. No teeth, but I’ve been saying “oh he’s teething” since like two months so at some point it will be true 🙂 You are happy and sweet, quiet and determined. We’ll keep you around!


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