Calvin Andrew | Eight Months

Your eighth month (for the record I do these posts of his month of life, he turns 8 months at the end of the month. It confuses me!) was a great one. Thanksgiving and the big news is that I gave notice at my job to become a full-time stay at home mom! So you’ll be seeing a lot more of me Cal.

Reading, or really doing anything, with Dada and Grant is a favorite.

Pre-bedtime books.

Morning snuggles, showing off all our chins.

And just hanging out together.You boys are starting to imitate each other more. Laying in the same positions.

I had to prop you up for this but you both sat together for quite awhile!

The biggest news is that you FINALLY started sleeping 12 hours at night! You weren’t even needing to nurse but the middle of the night waking seemed like it would go on forever. Until, finally, you took some oatmeal mixed with milk before bedtime. After a day or two of that you started sleeping, right at 7.5 months old. Bonus fact: this is the precise same age your brother started sleeping through the night. Third child is questionable…

You are not so interested in solids. We had to recruit some help…

‘Your brother was always a good eater and it’s pretty funny to hear him baffled by your lack of interest in FOOD.Cal we simply cannot imagine our family without you. You are so sweet and becoming increasingly vocal and playful.

Calvin Andrew | 4 Months

Gah, I cannot believe I haven’t documented 2/3 of Calvin’s life. Or any of the rest of our lives in six months! Friends, that is all about to change. It’s time to catch up!

The way I look at babies is the first two months are basically misery [sorry that is just the truth for me]. And then every month after two progressively gets better until about six months when it’s like magic. So month four of Calvin’s life was good, with glimmers of the fun ahead!


Month four! I went back to work at the start [hence the lack of posting]. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we spent tons of time outside.


You started to express yourself a lot more, which is going to be key for survival with a dominating big brother.


Your brother is obsessed with you. And helping you. Eek.


Your appetite picked up this month [still just nursing] and you loved bath time. You still slept pretty awful at night.


You started to become very, very active. Rolling over all the time and using your jumper [hence the blurry photo].img_6732

And of course, we can’t forget rooting for our Cubbies!


Cal you’ve been the perfect addition to our family! At the end of month four you weighed 15 lbs and almost 16 ounces and were 26 inches. Long and lean the doctor says!