Guest Bathroom Reveal

The guest bathroom is basically almost done. I finally remembered to take pictures so we are ready to share!

As a friendly reminder, here is what we were working with.

pink bath

Pink. Pink. Pink. Old. More pink. Not functional. Pink.

original pink bath

I despised this bathroom. Not only did the toilet leak, giving me the biggest scare of my life when I found water dripping through the garage ceiling, it was just generally ugly. But that is all in the past and we now have a guest bathroom that I’m happy to have guests use. In fact, one of us uses it every day.

We did the demo. I say we because it was we. Ok I didn’t actually demo anything but I did all the clean up. I even helped carry our cast iron tub to the garage. No pics because demo is just boring and messy.

Y’all we are officially retired from drywall. Can I get an Aaaaaaaaaaaaamen? We found out with our last bathroom remodel that our favorite tile guys can also do drywall. Sign me up. We had them do the drywall and while it was still dusty in my house, it was a lot faster and a lot nicer looking than if we did it. No offense honey.

pink bathroom renovation

The rest of the project moved along from there. Plumber, electrician, tiling, etc. Blah, blah, blah, no one cares, let’s move on. Here’s the widest angle shot we can get of the new bathroom!


Let’s start with the cabinet, shall we? The only thing we kept was the original cabinet. It was custom-fit to the spot and it was not in bad shape. Andy painted it a nice gray and lined it with some fun contact paper [which I forgot to take a picture of].


I am really glad we did not spend money on a new cabinet. This one works great. We ordered some crystal knobs online. Cabinet refreshed!guest_bath_original_cabinet_painted

The sink. I don’t even want to talk about how hard it was to get this sink. Let’s just say we had to order it three times, from two different places. It was a mess. However, now it’s here and gorgeous!guest_bath_sink

We got a nice but basic Kohler medicine cabinet. It has tons of storage. I didn’t take a picture of it because I don’t want you analyzing my medications. 🙂

We did two pendants here. They are both from Restoration Hardware, bought during a sale.


We choose white hexagonal tiles for the walls to keep it bright and open. We opted to tile all the way to the ceiling in the shower, which I think makes it seem huge. Seriously. I feel like a munchkin in there!


It’s popular nowadays to hang the shower curtain rod at the ceiling to help make the room seem taller, and thus bigger. I really like this trend. I found a shower curtain on amazon that was only $35 for a 95″ length. Sold!

guest_bath_shower_curtainWe did an accent strip of tile across the room.


It lines up perfectly with the niche we had put in right above the sink. What a brilliant idea from my hubby. I was so concerned about not having any counter space with this giant sink. Well, one thing he did is add in the niche which fits water glasses, toothbrushes, etc wonderfully.

guest_bath_sink_nicheThe floor. Oh I love it. Slate. Herringbone pattern. Took a million years to be tiled. Worth it.

guest_bath_floors_herringboneWe opted for a trendier color for the walls. We intentionally chose tile that was classic because we never, ever want to redo this bathroom. Paint is easy if we get sick of it.


We still need to hang the towel rods and toilet paper holder. But I bought a little wire basket from Crate and Barrel for $12 to hold extra toilet paper. Got the idea from this post.guest_bath_toilet_basket


In case you forgot what we started with:


pink toilet



And here it is today! guest_bathroom


Here We Go! Guest Bathroom Renovation

It has started.

demo bathroom

Demo is done. Plumbing is ready to go.

pink bathroom renovation

It’s starting to look better.

pink bathroom renovation

Just for kicks, this is where we started…

original pink bath