Thank Heaven for Little Girls

I love being a mama to a little boy. The grunts, the craziness, even the clothes. But let’s be honest. Who doesn’t adore a little baby girl? I am so fortunate that my dearest friend Rachael has not just one but TWO little girls. Or at least will soon as she is due any day with a new darling.

Since she already has a girl she didn’t need too much but I firmly believe every baby deserves a party, so a few of us had a little baby sprinkle a month or so ago.

IMG_1972I kept things very simple and focused the little decor I did on the dining table and the console where we put the gifts.

IMG_1978Little girl clothes are ready-made decoration!

IMG_1974Also, my name is Becca and I have an addiction to Baby Gap clearance.

IMG_1975Who could resist this furry winter hat for a million percent off of clearance? Not me.

IMG_1973Sara (at the end of the table] came up with such a  good craft! Decorate baby hangers. She brought all the supplies and it was so fun. I love useful crafts.

IMG_1969The pretty mama to be enjoyed it!

IMG_1970Everyone brought lots of generous gifts. Claire enjoyed opening them all for her baby sister.

IMG_1964This high chair is the gift that keeps on giving.

IMG_1976I somehow neglected to take any pictures of the food. But it was good.

IMG_1971We were so pleased to celebrate you Rachael!

IMG_1965-0Claire has been such a joy to us for nearly three years. We just know this next little one will be just as smart and sweet.

IMG_1968Since I can’t do a whole blog post without one picture of Grant…the kids played after the guests had left. Not sure Claire was okay with that.

IMG_1963Happy baby sprinkle Rachael!






Grant’s First Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and my head is still spinning a little. I cut way back this year – ordered nearly every gift online, didn’t bake any sweet treats, used a lot more gift bags than wrapping paper. We focused on driving during nap times, getting home for bed and making people take a flu test before coming within 10 feet of Grant [exaggerating, but only slightly].

Grant tummy time

We got a new camera for Christmas! So fun.

Grant Christmas treeAndy ordered a little Santa outfit for Grant on a super sale. He wore it to church on Christmas Eve and got a lot of smiles and “awwwws.” Yeah, I know, Santa at church. But dressing him as baby Jesus seems a little odd…

Andy Grant SantaI think he was ready for his nap…

Grant Christmas stockingAs expected, Grant was spoiled rotten this Christmas by everyone on all sides of the family. We kept him up a little late on Christmas Eve to open some stocking presents. After that Mom and Dad opened his presents 🙂

Grant bouncer jumperGrant received a new bouncer activity thing for Christmas. At first he seemed pretty unsure about it. But after we helped him learn to bounce in it he was having a blast!

Grant jumperJumping requires concentration.

Grant laughingNext year Grant will be a lot more aware of everything happening at Christmas. This year was all about the outfits. That’s a sweater with a bowtie onesie underneath. C’mon people.

IMG_1183The kid got passed around a LOT. Being the only baby in the family has its perks. Grant has three great-grandparents. Isn’t that incredible?

IMG_1182My sister has named herself “Aunt Awesome.”

IMG_1181Grant loves my brother’s beard. He thinks it’s hilarious. So my brother jokingly called himself “Uncle Beardface.” And now we will call him that forever, even if he is clean-shaven.

Tired Christmas GrantThe holidays were so fun, but tuckered us all out. We are headed on vacation for New Years. Traveling with a four-month old should be relaxing, right?