What’s Happening: Basement Reno

Well hello there. I thought I had stopped blogging too.

Since I last wrote we have been busy with the usual life stuff, plus a little basement reno thrown in.

Ok, that’s a lie.

There is nothing little about this basement renovation.

Our house has a partial basement. It’s not huge, but we felt like we could do more with it than just laundry and storage. We’ve learned that when a room in our house has no real purpose we basically just throw junk in there. Which for someone who despises clutter is no good.

Enter into the dark wood-paneled basement.

old basementBelieve it or not this was relatively cleaned up.

old basement stuffThe room was divided in two. Let’s pretend we are on HGTV’s Property Brothers. The right side is the “Wood Paneled Dungeon” and the right side is the “Laminate Nightmare Laundry Room.” 

old basement laundry roomI don’t really want to know what the previous owners did in their basement that required the walls to be completely impermeable and wipe-off-able. I will say I greatly appreciated having that giant washtub during our many renovations. The fridge was original to the house.

laundry room basementAndy invited his buddies over and in a few hours they managed to demo the whole thing. Bazinga!

basement renovation

Generally we just get rid of the renovation trash one bag at a time in our normal trash, as per our town’s waste management rules. However, this renovation required something a little more serious. Enter the Bagster.bagster for basement renovationWe totally recommend the Bagster. Easy to fill and they came to pick it up the next day!

As you can tell from the green grass in the picture, this was quite awhile ago. Stay tuned to see where we are today!


Here We Go! Guest Bathroom Renovation

It has started.

demo bathroom

Demo is done. Plumbing is ready to go.

pink bathroom renovation

It’s starting to look better.

pink bathroom renovation

Just for kicks, this is where we started…

original pink bath