Calvin Andrew | Seven Months

Yikes I need to finish these blog posts. To capture my darling second child’s milestones? Well, yes. But really because I have so many other things I want to blog about but refuse to until poor Cal is caught up!

[I promise we love you Cal]

Month seven. I was traveling a lot for work so only have a few photos from our “real” camera.

You are becoming a little “person.” Interested in all the things happening around you.dsc05159

Unfortunately you are often confined to the stroller for many of these “things.” Thank goodness you for the most part are very complacent.  We went to the pumpkin farm on a chilly October day.dsc05161

Proof that you were there!


You and your brother are becoming so attached. Grant calls you Calvin, which is darling since the rest of us all refer to you as Cal.img_7855img_7987img_8012

We spent time with family, including my dad. My dad experienced a severe stroke a few months before Cal was born so looking back on this picture is special.

Most exciting, you started to crawl! Just after completing month six you started crawling. Interestingly, this is exactly when Grant started crawling too. Guess it’s genetic!


You love your jumper. Hate solid food [no seriously we just gave up on it for a few weeks because you were gagging so much]. Still wake up once at night, but we’re getting closer, I can feel it. No teeth, but I’ve been saying “oh he’s teething” since like two months so at some point it will be true 🙂 You are happy and sweet, quiet and determined. We’ll keep you around!


Calvin Andrew | Six Months

Before I had kids a friend told me just make it to six months and it all goes up from there. Now that I’ve had two kids this is so true. Everything starts to get really fun from six months on.

[Note, my grammar in the last few posts is atrocious. I am just going to write these in the present tense. Just know that I know that you know that I know he is not actually six months.]

The end of your fifth month and into your sixth month was defined by your pursuit of crawling.


All day, every day you try to crawl.

Your sixth month kicked off celebrating your brother’s second birthday! Woohoo! Who doesn’t like a good party hat?


I comment on it every month but you are STRONG. You were born big just like your brother but have not gained weight as quickly. I think your brother was probably just as strong but you have less weight to hold up and pull! Also your legs aren’t too fat to fit in the bumbo seat like his were.

img_7287Speaking of your brother, could you two be any cuter? I have a much older brother and then two sisters closer to my age. I never saw the “brother” thing until now, and it’s the best.

Looking back at these pictures and remembering the amazing weather has me excited for next summer and fall when you are walking. We go outside every single day, to the park or just for a walk in the stroller. Sometimes you get fussy if we are too close to bedtime and Grant will lean onto your side of the stroller to cheer you up.


The most exciting thing we did was go apple picking. We have a fun tradition of going with the same-ish group of friends every September. It’s a blast to see how many babies get added every year!


You are our sweet, easy going, determined little buddy. We love you so much!


At your six month appointment you were 17 lbs and 12 oz and 28 inches long. Long and lean says the doctor!