Calvin Andrew | Six Months

Before I had kids a friend told me just make it to six months and it all goes up from there. Now that I’ve had two kids this is so true. Everything starts to get really fun from six months on.

[Note, my grammar in the last few posts is atrocious. I am just going to write these in the present tense. Just know that I know that you know that I know he is not actually six months.]

The end of your fifth month and into your sixth month was defined by your pursuit of crawling.


All day, every day you try to crawl.

Your sixth month kicked off celebrating your brother’s second birthday! Woohoo! Who doesn’t like a good party hat?


I comment on it every month but you are STRONG. You were born big just like your brother but have not gained weight as quickly. I think your brother was probably just as strong but you have less weight to hold up and pull! Also your legs aren’t too fat to fit in the bumbo seat like his were.

img_7287Speaking of your brother, could you two be any cuter? I have a much older brother and then two sisters closer to my age. I never saw the “brother” thing until now, and it’s the best.

Looking back at these pictures and remembering the amazing weather has me excited for next summer and fall when you are walking. We go outside every single day, to the park or just for a walk in the stroller. Sometimes you get fussy if we are too close to bedtime and Grant will lean onto your side of the stroller to cheer you up.


The most exciting thing we did was go apple picking. We have a fun tradition of going with the same-ish group of friends every September. It’s a blast to see how many babies get added every year!


You are our sweet, easy going, determined little buddy. We love you so much!


At your six month appointment you were 17 lbs and 12 oz and 28 inches long. Long and lean says the doctor!

Calvin Andrew: Month Five

I am determined to catch up on poor Cal’s monthly updates. Every time I feel bad that he didn’t get x y or z like Grant did, I remember that he has a built in best friend just a mere 19 months older than him…and lots of clothes and toys that aren’t even out of date yet!

Your fifth month was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous and we tried to be outside as much as possible. You and your brother started building a closer bond. The total…glee…you both have/had when you see each other in the morning was (and is) so sweet.


Most people thought you were pretty serious. You definitely were more focused than your brother was at this age.img_7093

But you had lots of sweet smiles and faces that you shared, especially in one on one moments. img_7205

You were very strong, which was good because your older brother is enthusiastic in his love for you.img_7199

Second baby, you go where I go. Even on top of the counters.img_7044

At five months you were still just eating milk and a little formula. You weren’t a huge eater but thankfully you still had some chub on you.img_7180

You love your dada. He gets the smiles and laughs out of you like no one else!img_7120

Oh sweet boy we love you! At five months you are down to just two naps. Still not sleeping through the night but you now put yourself to sleep for naps and bed.