Hey Baby, Another Shower!

Yesterday, we celebrated the much-anticipated Baby C with a shower. My friend Stef is due in just about a month, so this weekend I hosted a little shower for her. It was so much fun.

Rachael and Sara put together a great scrapbook activity, so I was able to focus my planning energies on the food and decor. Here are a few pictures from it! Jessica played photographer and I’m sure Stef will blog more pictures when they are available! I unfortunately did not take any pictures of actual people!

The theme was a “Build Baby’s Library” so we used lots of children’s books to decorate. Here we decorated the mantle with baby socks, onesies, and pages from a fairy tale book I bought at Goodwill. Being a total non-crafter, I was really pleased with how it looked.

Pretend you have minimal artistic ability and are bad with scissors and glue. You’d be pretty pleased with this too, wouldn’t you?

For the flower vases, I used Ball canning jars I had from a previous event. I cut two pages out of a fairy tale book and taped them together to create a wrap. I slid that over the jar and then tied ribbon around it. To further the theme, I put the jars on a stack of books in most places. I know you amazing decorators out there are rolling your eyes at me, but whatev! This was a lot for me 🙂

Rachael and Sara did an amazing job with the craft. They got all the supplies and paper to create a scrapbook for the baby’s first year. Every attendee decorated a page or two, leaving spots for photos. It was fun, pretty, and very easy for non-crafters. I think they should sell ready to go scrapbooks.

Rachael and Sara also made a diaper cake, which added a nice height to one of the scrapbooking tables. I’m telling you, girlfriends could go pro!

I spent several nights making these tissue paper poms that we hung from the ceiling! I really liked how they looked and they were not hard (I’m just slow). If you want to make some for yourself, I really liked Martha Stewart’s tutorial. Yes, hers look better than mine, duh.

Many of the dishes had a little book tie in – Like Hop on Pop Caramel Popcorn, which Sara graciously made. We also had If You Give a Mouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffed Cupcakes, Stinky Cheese Man Jalapeno Popper Dip, Goldilocks Approved Blondies, and more. I highly recommend the Jalapeno Popper Dip – it’s a family and friend favorite. The recipe is located here.

These cupcakes were super yum and have a surprise inside!

I love flowers and throwing a party is a great excuse to buy a ton! Bonus: I bought that pretty white vase at Goodwill for $1.99.

For favors I made this delicious pretzel “bark.” It’s basically pretzel sticks, with caramel, with chocolate, with M&Ms. Win, win, win and win.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon and I hope Stef and the baby felt loved. We can’t wait for the baby to be here!


2 thoughts on “Hey Baby, Another Shower!

  1. beattisl says:

    I LOVED the shower! Thank you SO much for all your hard work- we had a blast and felt so encouraged by everyone! Annd the poms you made are already up in our “nursery” aka corner of our bedroom 🙂

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