Random Things

This has been a strange week. I had a day off work (which always throws me off) and then we took an unexpected night off renovations to celebrate some good changes in our life. We didn’t really focus on one major project with the house, just wrapping up lots of little things.

A few of the little projects keeping us busy:

The half bath is nearing completion! We picked out a sink for the half bath and I bought a mirror. We originally bought a pedestal sink, but for some reason it didn’t work. I don’t know why, I was just informed by powers greater than I (my husband and my dad). But I really like this sink, and it was a good price. Next week it will get installed and hopefully the light fixture and mirror too!

I spent a night scrubbing paint drips off the floors once we were done painting. Goof Off is my best friend. And I have learned to completely cover every surface when painting.

I stopped into Crate and Barrel to see one of the chandeliers I had my eye on. Meh. Didn’t jazz me in real life. I still like it but we have some new ideas for dining room lighting! Stay tuned 🙂

I painted a ton of trim this week. Here’s where you can see the old and new. I feel confident painting was the right decision! And bonus, in this picture you can see the awesome wallpapered closet. No, that has not been removed yet. I decided closet wallpaper could live another day month while we worked on slightly more visible projects.

Home Depot’s ridiculousness regarding our cabinets persists. I’ve mentioned they incorrectly ordered one of our corner cabinets. But they were going to expedite it. And they said it would be here four days ago. That was a lie, it might be coming this week. However, they did manage to “expedite” our wine rack, which we ordered at the same time they were supposedly expediting the correct cabinet. Guess what we got first? 1) The completely crucial base corner cabinet that they messed up OR 2) The lovely, but completely unimportant wine rack?

Ding ding ding! Useless wine rack. Oh well. It does look nice and will get installed next weekend. Rant over.

Tomorrow I should have “final” pictures of the paint in the living/dining/kitchen (I need a name for this room. LiDiKi? Kitlidin?). I’m taking all suggestions.


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