The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and…Chocolate?

So I’m a runner. I run. Not very fast. But I do it and have since high school. Anyways, like most runners I like to do races every now and then. If I’m not injured I try to do at least a few a year.

I’ve done a couple of races with my friends Stef and her husband Dan.

They are my favorites to run with because Dan will break out into awesome dance moves with me and Stef is cheerful whether you are on mile 1 or mile 19. Stef and Dan had their first baby last May, our best bud Jake. Months ago Stef said she’d like to run the Hot Chocolate 15k as her first race back after pregnancy. So a bunch of us signed up to do it this past Sunday.

We did the Hot Chocolate race in 2009. At the time I complained about how unorganized it was. But it was still a smallish race.

Times have changed.

This race is now insane. Like, really crazy. As in, while we were waiting to start the race they had radio announcers prepping the crowd with awesome phrases like “you’d only get up this early for chocolate” and “america is all about life, liberty and the pursuit of chocolate.” Ohmygoshpeople. I could have bought a lot of chocolate for the $70 I spent on this race. I’m here to run. Leave me alone. Oh and there was a rap song about the race. WHATTHEHECKISGOINGON?

Other than the over commercialized-ness of it all, it was a fun time. Our friend Jess ran most of the race with us and we talked and joked through the first 7 miles or so. When we finished we met up with Jess’ husband Lane.

Anyways, we had fun. We came home to Andy, who was chief babysitter for the day, and then had a delicious brunch.

I am so glad Stef is back to running! I don’t think either of us plan to run this particular race again, but we’ll have to get a spring race on the calendar soon.


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