Harold and a Couch

Thanks to all who commented here and on Facebook about our news. I bought four pants of maternity pants this weekend [all on sale!] And I love them. Is that weird? Because they are way more comfortable than normal pants. I fear the day I have to use a button to secure my jeans again.

Anyways, since the baby is basically just, you know, growing into a person, we are plugging away on the basement.

A few weekends ago we bought this fantastic ceramic deer head. I call him Harold. Hello Harold.

basement deer head

You can also see the wood slabs Andy is working on for the ledge. We are going full throttle with the woodsy feeling guys.

basement deer head haroldBefore we had done hardly anything on the basement we ordered this couch from Restoration Hardware. It is the Maxwell sofa in the luxe depth and Italian Brompton Cocoa leather. Even with the 20% off Friends and Family discount, it was a big splurge but is so amazing. We love it and hope to have it forever.

Restoration hardware Maxwell couchWe’ve had a lot of questions from visitors about why we made some less than kid-friendly choices for the basement [stone wall, expensive couch, etc.]. Honestly, I am sure we will have lots of family movie nights down here but it really was intended to be a place for us and our friends to hang out, watch movies, far away from where the bedrooms are. We think it will be perfect for after the babe is put to bed! We have another room in the house we will be renovating to be more of a kids playroom. You know, one a little farther away from the furnace, water heater, sump pump and washer/dryer. Ha

Next up, a furry throw rug, cabinet counter tops and carpeted stairs! Stay tuned!


One thought on “Harold and a Couch

  1. Michael Green says:

    Wow, the basement is really looking great. I think Harold is great! There must be an interesting story behind getting a ceramic buck with an eight point rack!

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